My loop statement

My loop project

For the two other projects we’ve done, ident and text, I came up with ideas straight away, but when it came to doing a loop I was stuck for ideas for a while. Then I saw a smudge that looked like a footprint and I came up with the idea of moving footprints.

I started out taking both pictures and filming footsteps in neon light moving forward so that I would have enough footage to work with. When I came to the editing room though the photos I wanted to use wasn’t good enough quality so I had to re-think. My teacher Raef then gave me the idea to cut out the footprint with best quality and make an animation out of it and that’s what I did.

I started out making the footsteps drag next to each other but then got a comment that when you walk you can’t actually see both footsteps at the same time but instead one appears as the other disappears. I started editing the footsteps in After effects and making them disappear took a lot more editing time then I thought but in the end I got it done for the crit.

At the crit I didn’t get the best feedback. The footsteps moved a bit to slow with the music and I was told to try to do it in Premiere or Flash instead. This felt like I had to redo the whole thing but I wasn’t completely happy with it so I tried it in Premiere. While editing in Premiere I got the feet to move faster and move with the music better. I also made several footprint move all over the screen at the same time instead of just one pair moving across the screen.

After all the changes and work I did I am very happy with the result. The problem I found in Premiere was that the footsteps didn’t end the same way the began and as it’s a loop it has to start and end the same way. I solved this by adding one second of black colour at the beginning and end so that the loop starts off black and ends black. Though this created another problem. At the end, before the black comes in, the footprint stops and then switches to black, something you didn’t notice before I added the black. I tried figuring out a solution but after playing it several times I decided to leave it. I liked the idea of the footprints going from moving fast to stopping for a second and then starting again. It looks almost as if they are stopping with the music too which I liked.

One other thing I would have liked to change is that the footprints are moving from the top, the bottom and the right hand corner. I would have liked to add one more set of footprints coming from the left side corner but as there are only three lines of video in Premiere I thought this couldn’t be possible and even if it is I felt I didn’t have the time to learn how to add a fourth sequence.

Apart from that I’m happy with my loop and I’m glad I kept on changing it because I can now be proud of what I have done.


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